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Dr Aditi Gvalani

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Dr Aditi Gvalani at Simply Smiles Dental Clinic, Mumbai

Message from Dr. Aditi

Hi! I'm Dr. Aditi and I head the practise at Simply Smiles.

Over the years, introducing myself as a dentist has, more often than not, been met with negative remarks or a recounting of people's worst dental experiences.

Simply Smiles is my endeavour to change people's perspective towards dentists and the practise of dentistry.

I personally love working with children and aim to make their visits to Simply Smiles a fun filled and educational experience. I strive to catch them at a young, impressionable age, to create good oral habits and a positive attitude towards dental care in these little ones. It is my sincerest hope that these children will grow up to be adults with good oral hygiene - and will be happy to meet dentists in general, and me in particular!

As for the adults, I seek to change their negative attitudes towards dentists by consistently providing a positive experience. I ensure I remain up to date with the many advancements in dental technology, so as to provide speedy, comfortable and relatively pain free dental care.

I graduated from The Nair Hospital Dental College in Mumbai in 2005, with a keen desire to provide dental treatment and care of the highest global standards. This long nurtured dream took shape when I setup Simply Smiles in 2011.

I believe that I have a duty to serve and protect the interests of my patients. Each day, we at Simply Smiles, ensure we fulfil this directive. When not at Simply Smiles, you will find me pursuing some of my other interests - swimming, yoga, spin classes and classical Indian singing.

What our patients said

"Wow! What great treatment I had from Dr G! Was able to get diagnosed and treated so quickly, and well, and at a fraction of the price back in the UK." - Giuseppe Troisi, UK
"My experience at Simply Smiles was quite pleasant. Doctor handled the problem with utmost skills and light hand. I would recommend the doctor for good dental care." - Dinesh Gujar, Mumbai
"Even though I have to travel over an hour each way to get to the clinic, I'm more than happy to do so, because no other dentist can take such good care of me." - Aanchal Tulsiani