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Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery at Simply Smiles

The goal of modern dentistry is to prevent tooth loss. When a tooth cannot be saved, extraction (removal) of tooth may be the only course of treatment. A panoramic x-ray allows us to see a complete picture of the alignment of your jaw, the positioning of your teeth and if there is sufficient space for your third molars (wisdom teeth) to fully erupt or if they require removal. Our highly skilled and effiicient oral surgeon will then explain and instruct you through the process gently. Removing the tooth itself takes relatively little time and is NOT painful. Except for bit of pressure, you will be comfortable throughout and for most people a local anaesthetic is sufficient.

We'll provide you with various available options for maintaining your appearance and ability to eat and speak during your treatment period.

What our patients said

"The care and total professional approach in all the fields of dental care made whole of my family visit Simply Smiles. Whenever something related to teeth need to be taken care of, you are there. Good wishes from whole of my family." - Vijay Zanwar, Mumbai
"Simply Smiles is an impressive technologically up to date dental practice. I have been a patient ever since the clinic started a few years ago. I have no hesitation in recommending her to my family and friends." - Dr. Chandra Thakkar, UK
"Wow! What great treatment I had from Dr G! Was able to get diagnosed and treated so quickly, and well, and at a fraction of the price back in the UK." - Giuseppe Troisi, UK