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Facial Reconstruction

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Maxillofacial Reconstruction at Simply Smiles Dental Clinic, Mumbai

Also called Maxillofacial Prosthesis, this is the branch of dentistry concerned with the restoration and/or replacement of the jaws and facial structures with prosthesis that may or may not be removed on a regular or elective basis.

This discipline focuses effort on services for individuals who suffer anatomical compromises due to birth disorders, trauma and/or facial/oral cancer.

Patients in need of such services present a wide array of challenges associated with restoring appearance and functions such as speech, chewing and swallowing. Apart from functional difficulties, maxillofacial defects can cause some serious psychological struggles that could cause the individual to avoid social contact altogether.

At Simply Smiles the Maxillofacial Prosthodontist in collaboration with the surgeon, radiologist and speech therapist plays a critical role in pre-surgical planning, post-surgical care and achieving an acceptable quality of life for the patient.

What our patients said

"The care and total professional approach in all the fields of dental care made whole of my family visit Simply Smiles. Whenever something related to teeth need to be taken care of, you are there. Good wishes from whole of my family." - Vijay Zanwar, Mumbai
"Resourceful, highly skilled execution of dental solutions. Also provided only necessary and required procedures which echoes experience and expertise built up over the years." - A patient
"Wow! What great treatment I had from Dr G! Was able to get diagnosed and treated so quickly, and well, and at a fraction of the price back in the UK." - Giuseppe Troisi, UK